Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last weekend!

Happy Tuesday night to everyone. It is below freezing and I am happy but sad because I love fall and the changing of the weather but hate it because I knowt here will be snow so very soon. The great news it is suppose to around 65 degrees so we should have a great Halloween. We are going to meet up with our friends Kadince, Kolten and Brayden. We are so excited. Payton can say "trick and treat" so it should be great.

We went to the grade school for their fall festival. We met our friends there and we were all dressed up. Here are a few pictures. Kadince went as a butterfly. Kolten was the lion. Braxton was a green fish and Payton was suppose to be little einstein's rokcet but he didn't want to wear it.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I am working on updating pictures.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Wednesday Morning!

Well now that I am feeling better I thought I would type more of what has been happening in our household.

We had our yearly goal setting meeting at Payton's school on Monday. It was a great meeting and it is nice to hear how Payton is at school compared to home. He become great friends with Charlie. We are told they do everything together. Payton has improved so much from August and the goals that were set for Payton are right on cue and I know he will exceed all of them. If you haven't heard Payton's vocubulary is growing everyday. Payton gets speech therapy twice a week, occupational therapy once a week and physical therapy once a week. He gets speech therapy because of his verbal apraxia. He gets occupational therapy to get over some of his fears of getting his hands dirty and some other things and physical therapy to help stretch him. When Payton is not in shoes he walks on his toes. This has made him very tight in his achilles/calf region so they are going to work on helping him with this. He has great muscle tone for a 3 year old especially his calves.

Braxton is really starting to talk up a storm. He loves to pretend he is on the phone. He can sit and have a conversation with himself for 10 minutes. It is so cute. Due to Payton's delays Braxton is getting speech and development therapy every week. They come to the house and he gets to have play time with them for an hour. He loves this and we can see the improvement. He was getting occupational therapy but he was doing so well they are only going to see him every 6 months just to make sure he is still doing what he is suppose to be doing at his age.

Both boys are tall and lean. We know where they get the tall from but still trying to figure out the lean aspect. They love playing with each other and getting in trouble together. While Payton is more cautious and ask for permisson before, Braxton is more of ask for forgiveness and doesn't have any fears. Payton doesn't like to be dirty and Jeff and I have nicknamed Braxton "Pig Pen" because he is always dirty...
Well I guess that is all from our house for now. I know we have not posted pictures in awhile so I will try in the next couple of days. I promise.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Monday again!

Well it has been awhile since I have blogged anythign and there is good reason for this. Two weeks ago Braxton had to go to the doctor for a viral infection that was making him do unpleasant things. Last Tuesday we had to take Payton to the doctor because we could not get his fever down from 103. Well he had an ear infection and had to stay home from school for two days due to fever. Of course Saturday I started to feel bad with sore throat and then yesterday I woke up with a severe sore throat and a stiff neck. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I have a middle ear infection. I got medicine and this morning I have now lost my voice. So it has been an interest few weeks. Hopefully the cycle will stop of one of us being sick every week.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last night Payton and I went to Backyardigan's live at the Assembly Hall. We had a blast and he really enjoyed it. It didn't start until 7 pm and by the time we got home he was pooped. It was a great experience for both of us.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One for the record books!

It is after 9 in the morning and all my boys are sleeping. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT....they are still sound a sleep. So as a mother/wife what am I doing with my time. Well I went out and got a coffee and a newspaper and I am sitting here enjoying the quiet.

Got to go. Payton is up!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Putting things into perspective.

This post is because I taped Oprah yesterday. It was about the lady who left her 2 year old in the car for 8 hours. For those who didn't see it she was an asst principal at a middle school and it was the first day back for the teachers and her husband who usually takes the girls two daycare and preschool had a dentist appt so he was unable to take the 2 year. Well she was to early to drop her off at the sitters and of course this whole time the little girl is a sleep in the car. She stopped and got donuts. Well she forgot to drop her off and went to school. They showed video tape of her driving to the front doors and unloading her stuff at school. She then got in her car and parked it, not once did she remembered her daughter sleeping in the car. She said that she had a busy day and that she even talked about her daughters with the new teachers and that still did not make her remember she forgot to drop off her daughter. Well at 4 pm one of the teachers walked by the car and saw the little girl. Well you know the end of the story, the little girl passed away.

After I watched last night and I cried of course because I was touched by the story but also had some questions. My first question was did the babysitter not call and ask why they didn't drop the little girl off? I am very fortunate to not have to take my sons to the sitter but if I did everyday and I just didn't show up and didn't call I would think that my sitter would call and make sure that everything was ok. My second question is would I be able to go about my day and even talk about my children and that not jolt my memory of what did or did not happen that morning. I don't know?

So after I watched and they talked about how overwhelmed mothers become. I have been there and looking back I realized that I had put my job (coaching) before everything else. When I was hospitalized to be induced to have Payton I remember having my blackberry next to me and still taking calls from athletes while in labor. After I gave birth to Braxton I was dividing my time between my very sick baby and coaching still. Why would I do this? I look back and wonder how stupid that was. Was I throwing myself into work so I didn't worry about my sick baby? I dont' know? Or was I so overwhelmed with everything that I didn't know when to stop and think about the situation.

As of today I still find myself feeling overwhelmed but I feel that I have a better handle on it. I am not scared to say "I need me time". Do I say it enough, NO, but I say it when I need it the most. So you are probably asking what is the point of my blog entry. Well I am glad you asked. After watching Oprah last night I decided that everyone should step back and re-evaluate their lives and remember what is most important to them. I know I did and my first job is to be a great and loving mother and wife. Putting things into perspective....I feel everyone needs to do this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October already!!!

Hello all and welcome to October. Finally (knocking on wood) I think all the sickness has left our house of course just in time for the cold weather. We had a busy September and looks like we are going to have a busy October.

This past weekend we had a visitor from Florida. Uncle Andy came to spend the weekend and the boys loved it. Jeff and Andy went to the Bears game on Sunday and had a blast. Don't get me wrong we love being close to family but we do miss the "family" that we made down in Florida. Thank you Uncle Andy for a great time.

Well I will type more when I have time but just wanted to let everyone know that we are great and Happy OCTOBER!

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