Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updated pictures!

Payton playing soccer.  He loves it.

Braxton riding his big wheel.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where has the time gone....

Well our house is a hopping like normal.  I apologize for not sharing more but by the time I think about blogging I am in bed sleeping. So here is a quick update on the boys .

Payton turned 6 in April and had a Lego Star Wars party.  He called the party "awesome" and that made me smile.  I am so glad that he loved his birthday party.  This is the last month of school and then he will be in the 1st grade.  Where has the year gone.  We had the IEP meeting and he will continue to have speech next year.  Anyone that has been around him can hear that speech is helping him alot.  We have a long road but he is so much better and we appreciate all that Mrs B has done for us.  We couldn't ask for a better speech therapist.

Braxton is a very hyper 4 year old.  He makes sure that everyone knows where he is at all times.  The most common phrase usually starts with "BRAXTON".  He loves to be outside and ride his big wheel.  He is having a blast in preschool and has two girlfriends. If you ask him hewill tell you that their names are "Katie and Maya". 

Jeff and I are very blessed to have our two sons.  If anyone asks me how my boys are I tell them they are like the moon and sun.  Payton is like the moon...he is so laid back.  Braxton is like the sun and even if you dont' notice that the sun is shining it reminds you by giving you a sunburn. 

More later....

Where did it all begin.....

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