Friday, March 2, 2012

Braxton...5 year check-up

Braxton is now 5 years old so that means our annual trip to the doctor.

Braxton was excited to go to the doctor because he wanted stickers.  We love our Dr.

Here is Braxton's stats.

48" tall and 45 lbs.

Braxton is very tall for his age.  The average height for a 5 year old is 43".  He did not gain a pound from his 4 year old check up to this year.  The Dr was a little worried about this so she decided to do some blood work just to make sure that he was as healthy as he looked.  Well three days later we found out he is.

He received 4 stickers in all for being a big boy through getting his flu shot and having blood work done.

We love you Braxton...We are so blessed to have you as our son.

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