Monday, March 22, 2010

Lots happening here....

Well I apologize for the lack of posting the past month or so.  Life is good and I decided that I would blog an update about the boys. 

Braxton...Turned 3 on February 8th.  He wanted a sport theme party so we had a nice get together with family and friends.  He was funny because when he opened the gifts and if they happen to be clothes he would just toss them to the side.  Most were clothes because when people asked what he needed I said clothes because if you have been to our house you would notice that we have a lot lot lot lot lot of toys.  Braxton also had out patient surgery to correct a problem he was having.  He did great and was back to normal after 24 hours.   He had his three year old appointment and he was 42 inches tall and 35 lbs.  He is off the chart for his height and around the 80% for weight.  We were told he is a little thin for his height but he is healthy and strong and that is all that matters.  If you have been around Braxton you would know that he eats tons but plays very hard and he is just burning it off.   Jeff and I both feel that our "baby" is growning up way to fast.  In the last month we realized that he can zip his own coat, dress himself completely and would rather not have help from either one of us.  He is going to the bathroom by himself and yes we are still waiting for the poop in the potty but hey he is doing great.  He was riding a big boys bike tonight and loved it.  He talks tons and really is a happy child.  He loves to be outside and loves to help us clean and to be honest he is a joy to be around. 

Payton will be turning 5 years old in April and has a spirit about him that just makes you laugh and smile.  Yes if you are not around him a lot you may have issues because he is still a "special" needs child but he is a jokester and loves to push my buttons.  The other night I asked him a question and he said "DUH mom".  I guess it was a silly question.  He is starting tee ball and had his first practice and at first he was shy but then he started having fun.  He is doing great in school and loves craft time.  We are gearing him up for kindergarten next year and yes there are still times when he struggles and as parents that is hard for us but overall he is also a happy and funny child. 

Jeff and I were talking tonight at dinner and now seeing Braxton and his development we just didn't know how delayed Payton was as a three year old.  It is amazing to hear Braxton tell us a story and sing songs.  Payton didn't have the ability to do that.  Even though Payton was unable to do that he found other ways to communicate and he learned a skill that most soon to be five year olds don't have and that is a sense of humor.  We love Payton and Braxton so much and are reminded every day what a blessing they are.  We give thanks every day for the gift that He gave us and the ability to be parents to two of the most amazing boys every.  Don't forget to give Thanks. 

Where did it all begin.....

This is a blog about the lives of a non-traditional midwestern family. I am a full time working mother of two beautiful boys and a wife to a stay at home husband. We were married on June 15, 2002 and were blessed with two boys, Payton (4-19-05) and Braxton (2-08-07).