Friday, June 25, 2010

Whats going on?

So what has been happening.  Well teeball is over now and I hope Payton gets to play soccer this fall.  Teeball was a wonderful experience for him and most importantly he had fun.  Now they are hanging out with daddy for the summer and every day is an adventure.  Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I realize it has been a while since we have posted about our life.  Well alot has been happening and I promise I will try to blog more and with our schedule getting into its summer schedule we should have more time.

Well we have celebrated cousin Jacob going into the high school next year.  We spent Memorial Day in Wisconsin and we are excited for all the family and friends that are starting to expand their families.  It is going to be an exciting summer, fall and winter.  So with all of this said let me tell you about our two boys.  The biggest thing we have noticed is the differences in P and B.

Payton turned five in April and he has started to come out of his shell still.  He is still shy but he likes to help and I feel that he is laid back and loves to be a funny.  He loves to tell me that I am silly and loves to draw.  He likes to make rainbows, fish and smiley faces.  He is still into his rainbows.  The first day of summer break I came home from work and the first thing he told me was "I didn't go to school today" and then he looked at his dad.  I believe he thought his dad was going to get into  trouble for not taking him to school but I explained and he was ok then. 

Braxton...well what can I say...he is a very in your face three year old.  He loves to be into everything and usually is.  He is always moving or talking and never stops.  He is very opposite his brother and I am told by MaMa Lopez that he is a mini me.  I don't believe I could have ever been like this.  I think his favorite word is butt head and did I forget to say that he is LOUD. 

So that is a snippet of Payton and Braxton.  Jeff and I are so very blessed and love and cherish our boys.

Where did it all begin.....

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