Thursday, June 28, 2012

A lot of catching up to do!!!

Well since the last time I posted was March I think I should do some catching up. a big month for us.  It is P and J's birthday month.  Payton turned 7 and Jeff turned 35.  We had a party and enjoyed ourselves. 

May...included the last days of school and both P and B got great reports.  We now have a 2nd grader and Kindergartener in the house.  Can you believe that B will be in school full time starting mid August.

Payton played soccer this year and Braxton played soccer and t-ball.  They both had fun and made friends and that is what it is about.

June...Jeff and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversay...Can you believe?  We just got back from our family vacation to Florida to spend time with family.  Here are a few pictures...
The vacation was wonderful.  We spend a night at Cocoa Beach and we all had a wonderful time. 

Sorry for the long post and we will try to keep this updated more. 

Love from,
P, B, J & J

Where did it all begin.....

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