Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well we have unclogged the issue and we have our Payton back.  How do we know that Payton is Payton...well if you haven't been around him here are the signs.  Payton is very active and if he knows you he is a talker.  When doesn't feel good he sleeps alot and he can't find the words for what he is trying to say.  Well last night he helped me make meatballs and was talking back....So yes he is back to normal.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a day!!!

I would like to start the post by saying that this is a blog about my kids.  I will be honest and opened about everything and this post is about POOP!  Yep you read it right. So if for so reason POOP is not a topic you dont' want to read about then please skip my post today.

OK well this all started over a month ago when we noticed Payton was not keeping his normal bathroom schedule.  As parents you become in tuned with your children and know when something is not on.  Well we took Payton to the dr a first time over a month ago because he was constipated.  Well the dr told us to give him a certain number of miralax and we did get some out of him.  Well as parents we thought it was all. 

Fast forward to today...Parent has not been acting right and continued to decide not to eat because his belly hurt he told us.  Well we had enough and called and got him in this morning.  As a mother I want to be there when the dr is seeing him and I want to be able to ask questions.  Well after a check we were ordered to get a stomach xray and blood work.   I went back to work and waited for the call from the dr.  Finally we got the call and the dr told us our son was completely full of poop.  His blood work was normal.  We were so happy to hear that part but now we have to clean Payton's system out.  So we got orders again on how to accomplish this and we are already got Operation Clean in order. 

He took his first poop and is starting to feel better.

As a parents we never want to see our kids not feeling well and I hate when I don't know how to help them.  I hate running to doctor but I feel as parents you know when something is wrong.  I am glad we found a Dr that is wonderful. 

Friday, October 22, 2010


Well I know it has been two months since a post and I apologize.  A lot has happen so I hope you are ready for this!

  • Had to get three stitches by his left eye because he fell off our bed and hit the side table. 
  • Got in trouble at school for the first time because his speech therapist asked him to be quiet and after her didn't she told him that if he didn't stop talking he wouldn't be able to go out and play.  Braxton told her "who cares" and continued to be loud.  He had to sit out for five minutes before playing.
  • Loves to be outside and play and be loud.
  • One activity he loves to do now is sing.  SING is more like it.  It is so cute.  He sings so many songs now.

  • Loves school and did get in trouble once for playing with his friend Aidan in the bathroom instead of doing their business and getting out.
  • Played fall soccer and loved it.  He was a great goalie and scored a goal at his last game.
  • Is writing his name and all of his letters. 
  • His favorite thing is singing his RED song.  They are learning to spell colors and he loves to sing R-E-D RED song.
  • He is still shy when we see his classmates at the store and will not say hi.

 Our beloved poodle Lily passed away on Monday and it was a tough night for the boys.  We explained to them that Lily had passed away and that she went to heaven.  Braxton was ok with it but made sure to tell us that he was very sad that Lily was gone.  Payton took it harder but I believe it was because he understood it more.  He cried and asked when Lily was coming back when we told him never he got more upset until he asked if Lily was with Great Grandpa.  The only other person that has passed in his life that he can remember is Great Grandpa VL.  Once we told him that yest Great Grandpa and Lily were together and playing ball then we was better.  They are still sad but it is getting better.

Both of the boys are growing up and Jeff and I love to see them learn new things.  I will post recent pictures this weekend. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

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