Monday, February 23, 2009

Potty Training.

Our biggest adventure this weekend it to potty train Payton. I bought him Lightning McQueen underpants and told him to keep them dry and clean. He followed it up by saying "no wet no poopy" I said right no wet or poopy on McQueen. Well we put on the underpants and then a pull-up. Well he told us he had to use the bathroom but it was to late he had alredy gotten McQueen wet. Well we put on clean underpants and pullup and then he told me he had pooped on McQueen. I told him that was fine but we have to tell mommy and/or daddy before we get McQueen dirty or wet. We are trying and hoping that by his birthday he will be diaper free. It has been a rough road but we are told it is normal for a child with verbal apraxia so we pray and praise Payton when he is successful and encourage him when he has accidents. It will get better.

Braxton has been showing alot of interest in the potty and will sit on the potty and tell us when he is wet and dirty so we are encouraging him also. I will not be putting Braxton in pull-ups because I think that is where we went wrong with Payton.

Well the weekend was great. Braxton and I started a playgroup on Saturday that is put on by the early childhood master students. We had a great time and he was exhausted at the end of it. Kasey and I went to get a pedicure on Saturday afternoon to have a relaxing hour without the kids and to catch up and had a fabulous time. I think it should be in the mommy handbook that this is a must at least once every other month. We finished the day with a great meal of roast with mash potatoes and rolls. It was great and we even had enough to share with Grandpa and Grandma Lopez. The enjoyed it and we enjoyed seeing them again.

Sunday the boys were sleeping so I went to Church by myself. It was a great sermon and I enjoy going to church. I try to go to the 9:15 service but I am started to think that if the whole family wants to go we might have to go to the 11 o'clock service. I got home and we did housework and had fun as a family. I then made homemade spagetti sauce and meatballs and Mike and Amy came with garlic bread to complete the meal. It was great.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A whole month!!!

Well a whole lot has happened this month. First off Braxton turned 2! Yes on February 8th Braxton turned two. Can you believe it. Well we had a smaller party then last year and he decided to have spongebob party. Can you believe how he has changed so much. This picture was when he was 10 days old and a machine was breathing for him 200 times a minute.
This picture is him enjoying his first birthday cake!
Aunt Opal made him a special Patrick birthday cake. He loved it.
Braxton enjoyed his party and all of his gifts.
  • On February 9th Grandma Carol had her 55th birthday and we had a great time helping her celebrate.

  • On February 20th Grandma Carol celebrated 25 years with the Kmart Corporation. Yes there is still a Kmart.
  • Well now for the biggest news. Our family is in the process of buying our first and only house in St. Joseph. We did a lot of praying and searching and believe this would be the best place for our children to grow up and go to school. Schools played a huge part especially with Payton's verbal apraxia. We love the house and feel that it will be great fit for all of us. It looks like we will be closing at the end of April.
Well that is the news from here. We promise to keep the blog more updated.

Where did it all begin.....

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