Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have time to sit down and post about what is going on in our lives. My hope is to continue to post more and more. Ok lets start at the beginning. We moved into our house and yes I love saying "our" house. It is great and so much bigger than our other house. We are functional now and would like to get the rest of boxes put away this weekend. It will be so nice to be done. We have a huge living area and kitchen and it helps alot when little boys want to help.

So here is an update on everyone:

House: Moved in and just have a few more boxes to put away. Love it and so glad we bought it.

Jeff: Sprained his ankle but is doing better. He is trying to get use to having both boys home all day everyday for summer vacation. We are going to the Cubs game this Sunday and he is looking forward to it.

Payton: Out of school and is doing great. Talks a mile a minute and loves lego batman and star wars. Had a hard time realizing that the new house was our home and asked to go home for a few days after the move. He did get an upgrade to a full size bed and is loving it.

Braxton: Is still getting speech therapy once a week and has caught up and no longer gets developmental or occupational therapy. He is so out going and takes a lot of risk. Already had a black eye due to falling down the stairs. He has a hard head and has proven that many times. He loves his new room and loves his big boy twin size bed.

Me: Love work still and enjoying the new house. Looking forward to turning 3o. Saying busy with the boys.

Ok well since the last post we have went to the got a new house, went to the zoo and played in the water with Kolten and Kandince. Here are some pictures.

Monday, June 15, 2009



Monday, June 1, 2009


we are finally moved into the house. WELL all our items are at the house but they are in boxes. We could not have done it without James, Kris, Kendra, Kasey, Ryan, Matt, Jeff B, Opal, Jacob, Mom, Pops, and Amy. We started at 4:30 pm and got done at 9:30 pm. Once the rooms start to come together I will post some. We love our house and have tons of room which is nice. Post more later. THANK YOU to EVERYONE THAT HELPED.

Where did it all begin.....

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