Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a week....

The boys went back to school last Wednesday and were completely exhausted.  Braxton was so excited that there was three new kids in his class and he knew one of them from fall soccer.  He is our social butterfly.

We were looking forward to quiet weekend until my car finally decided to throw up all of its antifreeze so Jeff and I looked at finances and decided that we could pay the van off a year early and update my car.  I am happy to say that we found a great car and everyone is now happy.  It will be the first time since I got my drivers licenses that we have not own a Ford.  We are a Chrysler family now. 

Payton has his first learn to play basketball.  He goes on Saturdays for two hours.  Of course he was hestitant but really enjoyed it after we got there.  Payton never talks about kids at school but everytime we go somewhere we always here "hi Payton".   Jeff and I worry about if he has made friends and if you ask he will tell you he doesn't but when we are out and he we constantly hear "hi Payton" then we know that he is well liked.  Now we are working on him saying "hi" back. 

Sunday I woke up to Braxton asking to go to Church and Payton complaining that his throat hurt and Jeff being unable to talk.  Well Braxton and I went to Church and Payton and Jeff went to the doctor.  Braxton got to play and color have a lesson, mommy got to hear an awesome sermon and Jeff and Payton got medicine.  Jeff had the start of bronchitis and Payton had a double ear infection.  Oh and Jeff had pink eye in his left eye, a lovely gift from Braxton who had it a week ago. 

As you can tell we had a typical quiet weekend for us.

with love,


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

We know that we have not updated this blog since the first day of school.  We are sorry!  We will be updating this blog at least every week so you can keep up with us and what is going on in this PBJJ world.  Here is a quick update to get it us to 2012.

He is growing up so fast.  He is doing great in the first grade.  We got all E's and S+ on his report card for the first quarter.  When we met with the teacher we were told he was well liked by his peers and loves to help.  We are practicing alot with his reading and he is doing great.  With verbal apraxia we are aware that reading and spelling sometimes is difficult but so far so good. 

He now has three adult teeth and he just lost his other front tooth on Christmas when he fell into the wall and knocked it out.  Sorry Aunt Charlotte for the hole in your wall.  Payton gets so excited when the tooth fairy gets to visit. 

Payton loves playing soccer and next week we start basketball.  I hope he enjoys it as much as I did growing up. 

He has finally got out of the toddler stage and is now a kid.

Braxton loves going to school in the afternoon.  He always has a "girlfriend" and loves to tell us about her. 

He is very much into monster trucks and loves to pretend play.  Braxton also played fall soccer and had a blast.  He is looking forward to tee ball and soccer this spring. 

Jeff and I....
We are looking forward to 2012 and celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We had thought about going away together and celebrating but we now with Jeff's back surgery we are going to do something special with the kids.

As a family one of our favorite nightly things to do at the dinner table is to say what we enjoyed most about our days.  It is always exciting to hear what Braxton comes up with and Payton usually tries to get out of it.  Most nights we hear spending time with mommy or daddy and usually playing my PSP.  The best part is that we sit down around our table and have dinner as a family at least 6 out of the 7 nights. 

What was your favorite part of today?

With love,


Where did it all begin.....

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