Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Most recent photos.

We promised updated pictures and here they are. Please don't let the smiles fool you...the boys are rotten.

A long time...

and not much going on. Sorry it has been a while since we posted but we will try to get better. We have been busy with just normal day activities. Braxton pee'd on the potty for the first time last week. He really likes the potty and tells us when he is dirty or when he would like to go potty. Payton hates the potty. OH well it will all happen in due time. Really we are getting things ready for Braxton's second birthday. Can you all believe he is going to be 2? Neither can I. We have taken some recent pictures so I will post them later this week I promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolution!

So it is the 4th of January and the beginning of 2009. As a family we are very thankful for all the love and support that we get from our family and friends and thankful for our health and our happiness. We had a challenging 2008 but we made it through and have learned a lot about our family unit. We set up some resolutions or items in our life that we would like to change or work out for the new year. This year a few of our resolutions were the following:

1. Keep a more tidy and organized house. We are usually good at this but realize that we could do so much better. We will never have a "spotless" house and to be honest I have never seen a "spotless" house but I also don't want to stress out if someone stops by unexpectedly. So far it is 2:30 today and the house is in great shape.

2. Find a church. We were sad when we had to leave Florida because we had found a church that we loved and we as a family felt centered when our week started by going to church on Sunday morning. It has been over a year now that we have been here and we have made this a top priority for us as a family. We were invited by our friends Mike and Amy to come and check out the Vineyard church. Payton and I went because Braxton was under the weather. Payton got to spend the time in a classroom with other 4 year olds and had a good time. I got to have a nice time taking in today's sermon and liked it. Jeff and I were both brought up in a tradition church with an oregonist and traditional hymns but today they had a band and I actually enjoyed it. Jeff said that he would next Sunday and try it out. I think he will like it if he goes in with an open mind.

3. To be more mindful financially. Now we live on a budget and stuff but we would like to cut out some unnecessary spending. We are looking to buy a house and really just need to be more mindful of where every dollar goes. So far so good.

4. To become a healthier family as a whole.

Well an update on the family.

Braxton is talking up a storm and when I look at I him I start to see a boy and not my baby. He is really starting to have his very own personality. He loves to playwith everything that his brother has and we are starting to see when need to buy two of everything so they don't fight. He will turn 2 in 5 weeks. He is still a "ask for forgiveness instead of permission".

Payton goes back to school tomorrow and he is talking so very much. His favorite phrase is "what are you doing" "Can I help" "my turn" He still loves his "Vrooms" which are his lightning McQueen and Mater. He loves to be the big brother and he has started to love video games and is quite good at it. He is doing great in school and still loves to ride the bus everyday.

Jeff is a great stay at home dad. The Bears did not make the playoffs so it is a quiet time for him right now since the Bears and Cubs are not playing.

Well I got a promotion at work and start officially tomorrow. I went from being a customer service rep to a tech sales rep so now I am a sales woman. It came with perks and I will have to do a little traveling which I am looking forward too. It was a big decision but as a family we thought it was a great move for us.

CoCo has gotten big and her favorite thing is playing in the mud outside. She likes to play with Lily or at least she thinks she is playing with Lily. Lily still shows her who is boss and keeps CoCo in her spot.

Well that is the news from here. We hope that everyone is have a great 2009 so far. We are going to post more and also post more pictures. We promise...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We want to wish everyone a happy new year. We had a great 2008 and are excited about what 2009 is going to bring. We had tons of fun bringing the new year in with friends. Thank you for the memories.

Where did it all begin.....

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